What is at the root of your decision to explore cosmetic surgery?

Is cosmetic surgery a shallow grasp at an unattainable ideal? Not at Dr. Krakovsky’s offices.

Discerning clients who consult with Dr. Krakovsky know that cosmetic surgery is an option for healthy, vibrant people who want to look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside.

First, Dr. Krakovsky and his patients realistically appraise the gap between the patient’s current appearance and the possibilities for looking younger and more refreshed. Then, they create a plan to realize those possibilities.

Because the choice of cosmetic surgery involves so much more than appearance, your cosmetic surgeon should have a broad range of skills to evaluate all the factors that result in a youthful appearance.

Dr. Krakovsky’s medical background prepared him to practice cosmetic surgery as an organic extension of his years of experience in fields of cardiac and plastic surgery, anesthesiology and pain management.

His development as a cosmetic surgeon was organic in the sense that practice and mastery in each field led to a unique, organized set of medical skills. This expertise in medicine allows Dr. Krakovsky to evaluate multiple aspects of each patient’s health and suggest the best procedures.

Your health and appearance have multiple dimensions, and so should your cosmetic surgeon.

Contact us today for your private consultation with Dr. Krakovsky to talk about looking as good on the outside as you feel on the inside!

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