Dr. Alexander Krakovsky

Alexander A. Krakovsky, MD, PhD, DrSc, FAAPS



Alexander Krakovsky

Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Science

Professor of Medicine and Surgery

Cosmetic, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon


Dr. Krakovsky knows the positive effects cosmetic surgery procedures can have on your life. It's a simple fact that when we look better our self-esteem and self-confidence are enhanced.

Dr. Krakovsky is among a select group of surgeons who have attained a high level of achievement in cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. He is a dynamic and caring physician with the finest surgical training and experience.

Dr. Krakovsky custom and practice with his patients based on mutual trust, strict confidentiality, carefully planning all details, fulfilling patient expectations, individual desires and wishes and patient safety. He is known by his patients for his warmth and extremely caring personality. He strives to provide excellent care with integrity, honesty and confidentiality.

Dr. Krakovsky will assess your physical and emotional health and discuss specific goals for the surgical procedure. His promise to you: to serve you to the best of his ability from the very first consultation to the last follow-up visit.

Current Medical Practice

Dr. Krakovsky is a highly-skilled, highly-experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon who can help both men and women reach their cosmetic surgery goals.

Dr. Krakovsky’s female patients reap the benefits of his expertise in body contouring and facial rejuvenation techniques such as liposuction, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, Botox injections, and facial fillers.

Dr. Krakovsky originated and holds 3 United States Patents for developing penis augmentation surgery (phalloplasty).

Dr. Krakovsky’s male patients have a choice of phalloplasty surgery including lengthening, girth enhancement, glanular enhancement, dual augmentation and triple augmentation procedures.

Some patients require supplemental to phalloplasty procedures to achieve a balanced appearance. These procedures include pubic and breast liposuction, thigh and buttock liposculpture, scrotal web resection, circumcision, tummy tuck, and buttock lift.

With his skills in plastic and cosmetic surgery and pain management, Dr. Krakovsky can help you select the procedures you need to meet your cosmetic surgery goals with minimal discomfort.